Will Essential Oils Kill Bed Bugs?

All chemicals were effective when applied directly to bed bugs, although the amount needed to kill them varied. Carvacrol, derived from oregano and thyme, thymol (thyme), citronellic acid (lemongrass) and eugenol (clove) were the most effective. Citronella and citronella oil are equally effective in eliminating bed bugs. These essential oils work because of their strong citrus scent, which deters most insects, including bed bugs.

They also help mask the odors that attract them in the first place. When used on bedbugs, peppermint oil can kill and repel such insects. Its strong aroma due to its high menthol content effectively repels bedbugs. If you don't want to use isopropyl alcohol for your bedbug problems, you can try tea tree oil as another solution.

This essential oil is known to fight bacteria and acne, but it can also be a good solution for bed bugs. Tea tree oil successfully helps repel bedbugs, as the smell prompts the pest to leave the area. Once they smell it, they'll run away instantly. Essential oil not only gives them an annoying smell, but it can also affect their exoskeleton.

If you have tea tree oil at home, you can spray it generously where bedbugs are actively infesting. Your home will not only smell good, but it will also be free of bed bugs. According to a pest exterminator in Mooresville, if tea tree oil doesn't work, you should seek professional help as soon as possible to resolve your problem. Before you learn how to use essential oils for bedbugs, you first need to understand what bed bugs are, how they got into your house and how they spread.

According to a Mooresville pest technician, neem oil is a natural insect repellent that you can use to eliminate pests such as bed bugs. With a powerful vacuum and a corner tool attachment, sniff out all the corners, crevices and crevices of your mattress, box spring, nearby furniture, closets and walls inside your bedroom. Geraniol is one of the essential oils that has been found to be effective in repelling cockroaches, so it makes sense that it also serves to repel bed bugs. Okay, so six to 10 drops of any of the following pure essential oils added to an atomizer (either alone or all together, depending on how the scent hits you) will bring sweet relief to your worries about encountering this little itchy bug.

But I would make sure to apply it on my body before getting under any cover that wasn't mine, while, in addition, I would spray the sheets with the aforementioned remedies with alcohol or essential oils. There's a reason why pest control professionals don't use essential oils to eliminate bed bugs because when you have bed bugs, you want them to go away as soon as possible before the infestation grows too large, and essential oils aren't 100% effective at repelling or killing them, despite how natural the health resources. It may also be helpful to soak cotton balls in your favorite bed bug repellent solution based on essential oils and put the cotton balls in your suitcase when you travel to prevent bed bugs from coming home with you. So, let's go ahead and take a look at some holistic herbs, essential oils and other repellents that alleviate the problem before we get on any plane, train or car heading home and full of gifts.

Repel bed bugs by dropping a few drops of oil into an oil diffuser or add a few small drops to cotton balls and place them around areas of your home that are infested. With this, you can use essential oils and spray them on your bed, clothes, bedding and surrounding areas of the bed, such as headboards and legs, to prevent them from crawling on you while you sleep. Some essential oils have also been shown to have healing properties when it comes to rashes and irritations on the skin. But, if you want to eliminate the bed bug community, what you need is a pest control company in Mooresville.