Essential Oils for Cats: What You Need to Know

Essential oils can be a great way to improve your wellbeing, but when it comes to cats, it's important to be extra careful. While pet parents should avoid using most essential oils, some are safe for pets if used properly. Chamomile oil, jasmine oil, lavender oil, and rose oil are some of the common essential oils that are safe to use for your cat. However, it's important to remember that there are no essential oils that are completely safe for cats; they all have the potential to be toxic if not used correctly.

When using essential oils on cats, it's important to dilute them with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. You should also never leave essential oils out in the open where they can be eaten and never apply essential oils directly to your cat's body. One method of using essential oils on pets is to rub a small amount of the pre-diluted essential oil between your hands until it stops looking shiny. If you want to start using essential oils in or around your cat, there are some that are generally considered safe for you to try.

These include lavender, copaiba, helichrysum and frankincense. It's also important to remember that the sense of smell of dogs is much sharper than that of humans; it is very important to keep this in mind if you plan to use or diffuse essential oils in your home. Another big problem with oils is that they often have to be heated to release their scent, and burning hot oil is a big no-no with our pets. If you're going to spread blends you've purchased, you'll want to review the ingredients and make sure they don't contain any dangerous oils.

Often made without phenol, cedarwood is a safe essential oil for cats, although you should always check the label for contents before using it. If you notice any of these symptoms of essential oil poisoning in cats, contact a veterinarian or the Pet Poisoning Helpline (800-213-6680) right away. After all, you can always increase later, but it's hard to remove essential oils once applied. However, the perceived positive effects (calming sensations, reducing stress, increasing energy and improving concentration, among others) of essential oils for you can have significant negative effects on your beloved pet.