Can Essential Oils Stain Clothes?

Like other oils, essential oils can also stain our clothes and fabrics. Stains are usually evident only when the oil has not been diluted when it comes into contact with clothing. On our most common clothing fabric, the stain usually resembles an oil or grease patch that is obtained from any other type of oil, which looks like a discoloration or a darker patch. Although they are not the worst type of stain, these patches are usually unsightly and obvious.

With the exception of some darker colored essential oils, a pure essential oil should not leave stains on clothing or bedding. There is no better substance than eucalyptus oil for removing greasy stains and tar from clothes. For larger stains, you can add isopropyl alcohol to the spray and then spray it on the stain until the fabric is soaked. Essential oils often end up on your hands after you've used them without you even realizing it and can end up on any surface you touch.

If all your “at home” methods fail, you can always take your stained item to a professional cleaner who will be able to remove the stain. Remember to follow the appropriate steps to ensure that your essential oils are well dispersed in the mixture. The powder acts as an absorbent, to extract excess oil absorbed into the fibers, leaving the fabric with less oil for subsequent steps. Again, if this isn't entirely effective and you can't completely remove the stain on your own, you may need professional involvement.

Therefore, we should never allow undiluted essential oils to come into contact with any type of plastic (including plastic bottles). Not only will it make you smell good, but essential oils come with their own set of qualities that benefit us therapeutically. If you need to wash an essential oil stain, hold the item with the oil stain over the sink, lightly moisten the affected area, and then apply one or three drops of the dishwashing liquid directly onto the oil-stained area. So be careful when using these essential oils around your favorite white t-shirt or on grandma's bedding.

Be careful not to leave your essential oil bottles in places where they can easily tip over or spill, be careful where you apply it and where you use your favorite essential oils, and you will be relatively safe from oil stains. Once the foam has completely covered the stain, try rubbing it a little harder for about 30 seconds, let the soap soak into the material for another 30 seconds, and then rinse off the soap.