Can essential oils cause you a headache?

The body absorbs more in this way, which increases the likelihood that they will interact with medications or cause an allergic or toxic reaction. Even continuous exposure to small amounts (a few drops a day in a bottle of water) can cause fatigue and headaches. Essential oils with proconvulsant properties are known to cause seizures and can worsen migraine. We report two cases of cluster headache temporarily related to the use of toothpastes containing essential oils of camphor and eucalyptus.

If you have headaches or migraines, watch out for scented candles to smell like essential oil, Lin says. Plug-in scents that are artificial are also a big no-no, he adds. I have a recently hired coworker who occasionally uses oils in something that creates a significant scent in the workplace. Use carefully, I read a lot of things about YL oils that some consumers sent to different laboratories to test them and they all came back with the same results.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that's happening to this, but I'm still upset that I can't use these oils without causing terrible migraines. Soon, my Facebook feed was flooded with combinations of oils and a bunch of different remedies to cure everyday ailments. I learned the hard way to leave the office when using this particular oil (I'll have to ask which one); since the first time it happened, I tried to put up with it and regretted it for 2 days later. They can smell great, but essential oils can also burn the skin and be harmful to babies, pregnant women, and pets.

I've been putting eucalyptus on the soles of my feet at night just one drop per foot mixed with a carrier oil. The key message here is that, in the short term, inhaled lavender essential oil can be a reasonable adjunctive therapy to soothe the pain of a migraine attack. Essential oils are considered an adjunctive therapy, which means that they are used in addition to standard medical care. I'm not quite sure that as an essential oil it will give the same benefit, although I don't think there is any harm to try it, says Lin.

The only thing different today is that I put oils (eucalyptus and mint) directly into a bowl on a hotplate. I'm here because I discovered that every time I use the Air Wick Essential Oils add-on (specifically Lavender) in my room, it triggers migraines every day I'm here. I just started with Doterra essential oils and I was really excited to see all the great things they can be used for. Pure essential oils can cause you headaches, but it's most likely aromatic oils and diffuser oils that are the most to blame because they contain solvents and artificial fragrance chemicals.

You may need to dilute the oil more than you normally would for daily use if you use it for migraine, she says.